Tree stump removal is one of the sensitive topics discussed in the home and garden sector. It is important to remove the unsightly stumps in your yard, but most of the methods known do not actually yield the best results. Before you engage an expert for tree stump removal Newmarket area has to offer, you should know the various methods available for that task. Companies offering stump removal services in Newmarket often charge dearly for such services. It is, therefore, important to choose a method that is worth your time and money.

Here are most popular methods of tree stump removal you need to know, even before you engage a company for tree stump removal in Newmarket. Click here Classic Tree Lopping

Chemical method

While many people believe in it, there is no chemical in the market to remove a tree stump from your yard. The products available in the market, however, can speed up the process of decomposition to some level, which may take quite a while before the entire stump disappears from your property. Some chemicals may also eat into the wood to make it easy and ready to burn. Before you choose this method of stump removal, you should ask for advice from a reliable company for tree stump removal Newmarket has to offer. This is because some chemicals may be dangerous to the surrounding.


It is an age-old method of stump removal, in which the stump is burnt from the ground. This method may not remove the stump completely, as some roots go deeper into the soil where the fire cannot reach. Besides, with low oxygen burning, the stump could turn into a charcoal material, which can never decompose.

The best way to use fire in eradicating tree stumps is to add some chemical to escalate the burning process. You should get advice from a qualified professional for tree stump removal Newmarket area has to offer before you settle for this method. Where chemicals are involved, you should think of the surrounding areas as well.


It is seemingly the most effective way of eradicating tree stumps. You simply allow nature to take its course. However, this might take years instead of weeks or days. All the same, it is possible to speed up the process of decomposition. One trick is to drill one-inch holes in the stump and then fill them with a nitrogen fertilizer. Keep the surrounding area damp and insulated. At the end of the first year, you can change to carbon-based additives to speed up the process much faster.


It is another age-old method of tree stump removal. It simply refers to digging out the stump through manual labor. When you choose this method, you need to liaise with Newmarket tree stump removal experts for appropriate guidance. Besides, if you would like to know more about the best tree stump removal Newmarket area has to offer, you could try visiting

In addition to the mentioned methods, you could also use tree stump grinders, which works faster. For that method, you should involve an experienced arborist to operate the machine.