It is a day of ecstasy for the marrying couple when they select their engagement ring. It is also a fact that an emerald cut diamond ring is one of the most preferred choices of any bride. The exclusive cut, vintage and gorgeous look make the bride fall in love with the emerald cut engagement rings. As a matter of fact, only about 3% of the diamonds available in the world are emerald cut. Therefore, it is no wonder that recently a 100 carat emerald cut diamond, D color ring fetched $22 million at an auction conducted by Sotheby in New York.

Larger surface area:

The unique feature of emerald cut diamond lies in its wonderful rectangular shaped step cut. This cut diamond is different from any other brilliant cut because emerald cut diamond has few facets. When you compare a 1 carat, round diamond with a 1 carat emerald cut diamond, you find that emerald cut diamond will have 5% greater surface area. This in turn enhances the surface area of the ring. This is one of the unique features of emerald cut engagement rings.

Compared with other cuts:

Emerald cut is different from the asscher cut which is of recent origin. The asscher cut which is almost similar to emerald cut will have facets, which are much larger. Further, this will also have a higher crown with smaller table. Similarly, emerald cut is also different from another popular cut called a cushion cut which will have sides curved with rounded corners.

Cut originally adopted for emerald stones:

As a matter of fact, the popular emerald cut was actually adopted for cutting emerald which is known to be a reasonably hard stone. But, emerald stone is also known for its ‘internal flaws’ and this makes the emerald becoming prone to breakages during the process of cutting. This drawback was overcome by adopting stepped rectangular cutting procedure, which enhanced the clarity of the emerald stone. Gradually, this procedure was adopted even for diamonds.

Length width ratio:

Yet another unique feature of emerald cut engagement rings lies in the length-width ratio. This ratio is normally calculated on the standard minimum ratio of 1:3. However, the higher width and length ratio can also affect the thickness of the diamond. This type of ring is also popular because it produces an illusion of slim and longer fingers. More information Dan Hadley Adelaide

Hall of mirror effect:

The elegance of emerald cut rings also depends on the color you choose. The color should be warmer and revealing. As a matter of fact, colors of diamonds in D to F category are considered to be less elegant. On the other hand, diamonds in H to K category are known for their elegant colors. In fact, diamonds in H to K are considered ideal for emerald cut rings and other ornaments.

The unique step cut of emerald cut diamond effectively reverberates the light. The ring creates flashes of white light and simultaneously creates dark planes at each step within the ring. A perfectly cut emerald cut diamond ring will create sparkle even in the edges. It is for these reasons emerald cut rings are also popularly called as ‘hall of mirror effect’.