The efficiency of any industry or manufacturing unit depends on reducing the manufacturing process and cutting down the repetitive jobs; take, for example, manufacturing units where conveyor belts are used as a part of the manufacturing process. It is said that nearly 39% of the accidents in the manufacturing industries occur when the worker is in the process of cleaning the conveyor. You can avoid these accidents by installing appropriate Conveyor belt scrapers melbourne shops sell.

Conveyor belt scrapers melbourne

Improve efficiency of the production process:

The utility of the appropriate scrapers is not limited to preventing accidents. These belts can be used for enhancing efficiency in the production process. For example, by using suitable conveyor belt scrapers Melbourne shops sell you can prevent materials being carried back to the conveyor belt. By this, you can not only reduce the running cost but also prevent breakdown or disruption of the production processes.

Need for proper maintenance:

However, in order to ensure the smooth production process, you should also ensure proper maintenance of the conveyor belt scrapers Melbourne professionals recommend.  Improper maintenance of scrapers can lead to build-up on the roller. This, in turn, can cause excessive wear and tear of the roller and also of the pulley. It can also damage the top cover of the conveyor. A poorly maintained scraper can cause mistracking and misalignment of the conveyor which can affect the production process.

Causes of accidents:

In addition to these, poorly maintained conveyor belt scrapers in Melbourne can result in build-up of material on the conveyor. In course of time, the build-up can cause spillage of material and the material may fall on workers or machinery beneath the routing of the conveyor, thereby resulting in serious accidents.

Scrapers of varying designs:

The conveyer belt scrapers are available in varying designs and utilities. For example, the scrapers are available to function with varying speeds ranging from 450 to 1200 FPM. Further, the choice of conveyor belt scraper is also dependent on the diameter of the pulley diameter and the width of the belt.

Types of scrapers:

The conveyor belt is also categorized into three groups namely primary, secondary and tertiary conveyor belt cleaning or scraping system. The choice of adopting the type of conveyor belt is always specific to the industrial process.

Periodical maintenance:

In order ensure proper functioning of the Melbourne conveyor belt scrapers, you should avail the services of a sufficiently experienced and trained technician. The technician will make periodical inspections of the conveyor belt scraper. The technician will examine the surface of the belt and the blade and wherever necessary adjust the tension of the scraper and also replace the worn out parts.

Need for daily inspection:

Apart from the periodical maintenance, the conveyor belt scraper should be subject to inspection on a daily basis. The operator should remove excessive build-up on the conveyor. The tension of the conveyor should be inspected. If sticky materials are transported on the conveyor belt, then you must employ a scraper of suitable design to deal with such materials. In such cases, you may also consider using both secondary and tertiary scrapers.

Buy from reputed manufacturers:

 Considering the importance of scrapers in the daily production process, you should always buy conveyor belt scrapers Melbourne professionals recommend from reputed manufacturers like the All State Conveyors. Such manufacturers have a wide range of scrapers and they also undertake to customize the design of the scrapers to your specific requirements.