By using diesel, gasoline or electric motor oil, an air compressor changes air power into stored energy. This acts like a battery. An air compressor shuts off once it reaches its pressure limit. Likewise, once the compressor tank reaches low air pressure, it forces air in once again until it reaches the high air pressure supply. With uses ranging from supplying the air to power tools like nail guns, jackhammers, sanders, impact wrenches, spray guns, drills, air tanks, sprinkler systems, hospital respiration systems; to filling tires, inflating pool toys, glass blowing and molding, cooling, spraying of crops, starting gas turbines, snow making, spray coating, cleaning, vacuum packing and the likes, air compressors found their place in manufacturing plants, gas stations, home workshops, basements, garages and almost everywhere. If you need an air compressor repaired, serviced or you just need to buy an air compressor Brisbane has available for consumers today air compressed specialists are ready to help.

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An excellent way of finding the right air compressor in Brisbane is by visiting a top-notch dealer. Don’t forget to list the tools that you would like an air compressor to power so you are sure of your choice. Don’t hesitate to ask to use, at the store if possible, the same model of the air compressor you would buy.

Different grades of air compressors

The classifications of available air compressor Brisbane has for options are:

* Consumer grade or single-stage. Found in household tools. Examples of their uses at home are inflating bicycle tires and balls and blowing the leaves and dirt off garage floors. They are maintenance free.

* Professional grade has more power. It can run several tools at once because of its higher pressurised air. These are the rotary screw models or the two-stage reciprocating models. Farmers or contractors who need hand-carry compressors need not worry. These professional grade models can take care of heavy-duty jobs. You need a model that is direct-drive and oil-lubricated. This helps in cooling, giving you quiet operation and extending pump life.

* Industrial grade air compressors belong to a manufacturing plant or an oil rig. The workhorse of air compressors, it provides continuous air power for a long time. Perfect for commercial, industrial, professional or a heavy-duty-do-it-yourself; pick lubricated models where pumps are belt-driven. Made from cast iron, they have lower noise and longer life.

This basic knowledge narrows down your choices. You can now easily drop by a Brisbane air compressor dealership, ask for the available models of the grade of air compressor you need, and pick the one that you like.

Two common types of air compressors

Do you pick one that runs on electricity or one that is gas/diesel-powered?

* Gas/diesel-powered air compressors. Used in areas with issues in electricity source. These types are noisy and they need ventilation for the exhaust gases.

* Electric powered compressors are the ones found in garages, workshops and anywhere there is a permanent electrical source.

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